Cranial Electrotherapeutic Stimulation (CES)

CES is used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, depression and other diseases related to the central nervous system, as well as perceptual disturbances.
An alpha wave is a signal in the frequency range between 8 and 13 Hz. An increased proportion of alpha waves is associated with slight relaxation or relaxed alertness when the eyes are closed. Alpha waves are accompanied by feelings of calm, relaxation and increased mental alertness. The neurological mechanisms that occur in the course of the alpha state seem to reduce stress effects, reduce restlessness, stabilize mood swings and regulate perceptions.

With alpha stimulation, two ear clip electrodes are attached to both ears. Though a microcurrent of less than half a milliampere waves are supplied for a period of 20 to 60 minutes.

By changing the electrical and chemical activities of certain nerve cells in the brain stem, stimulation of the alpha waves appears to increase activity in some neurological systems and in turn to deactivate them in others. This leads to a neurological fine-tuning for so-called neuromodulation

The effectiveness of this method has been supported by numerous scientific studies that are summarized under this link: